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Fiber Glass Rod /T-Grass

We started production of fiberglass rods and T-Glass in 2011.
We collaborate with skilled blank makers to produce the best rods.

"T-grass production concept".

The rod is designed to be easy to use in the short to medium range, taking advantage of the characteristics of low-modulus glass material.

The rod can be cast with a stable loop from short range (Tip) to middle range (Butt) according to the line speed.

The range is comfortable to use, and of course you can cast further than this range.

It also has excellent line and leader control performance, which is indispensable for natural drifting including mending.

4piece model
MS (medium slow action)
The perfect rod for fishing for yamame trout in small mountain streams. Also suitable for average size yamame trout and char.
M (medium action)
The suppleness of the low modulus material is combined with a light feel to create an action that can be used all-around in Japanese mountain streams.
With the average caster, you can comfortably cast from short range to medium range .

6Pc multi-piece model/M (medium action)
This multi-piece model inherits the concept of the best-selling GR663 model.
It has a medium action and can be used all-around in mountain streams as well as in headwaters.
The ferrule design, in which the spigot is stacked differently in each piece, produces an excellent bending curve.

We will deliver the best glass rods that will satisfy our customers.

Manager Takeshi Sato

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